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Extract! Extract!

This is one of my newest addictions! Creating extracts of all types! My husband looks at me like I'm nuts, but just smiles and nods and repeatedly smells them with me as they brew :)
I always bypass the recipes that call for specialty extracts, or I just leave it out. While the finished product still tastes good, I always wonder how much better it would taste with the real ingredients. I don't like artificial extracts (have you read the ingredients?), and the pure ones you buy at the store tend to have water listed in the is it pure if they water it down? And they usually add sugar. Again, how is that pure?
Thus my extract factory!!
Right now I am in the process of making, or have finished making:
Blueberry Extract
Coconut Extract
Coffee Extract
Lemon Extract
Lime Extract
Banana Extract
Jalapeno Extract

on my list to make:
Cherry Extract
Cinnamon Extract
Peppermint Extract
Strawberry Extract
Garlic Extract
Raspberry Extract
Almond Extract

As you can see, it truly is an obsession. Right now my counter is lined up with bottles filled with various fruits and beans etc. and I love it! I open each one almost every day to smell it and see how things are coming along. It's amazing to see how much progress is made each day! I can't wait for Christmas baking this year :)
My plan is to use it for baking (of course!), and also to put them into small bottles and make up extract baskets for people for Christmas presents. Very cost effective, very unique and very homemade!

Stay tuned for results and how-tos on these projects!