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Homemade Instant

Instant foods are simple. They are tempting because we can just throw them in the oven/microwave with little effort on our parts. Supper is ready now. Easy peasy.
But most of it is gross! Now, let me insert here that if you are used to eating packaged processed foods you wont agree with this statement. You are used to the taste, texture and sight of them. I know this because we used to be too. Now things that we used to eat no problem make both of us feel quite ill. Our bodies are no longer conditioned to accepting these as real food! If you don't agree with me that they are gross, at least read the ingredient label with me and agree that the ingredients are gross!! Most of these foods have so many ingredients that I can't even pronounce. They need to be able to sit on the shelf for ages and not spoil. They need to be able to be cooked in an instant. They wouldn't be instant convenient food if they didn't! Not only is it gross, usually you end up paying a premium price for the convenience rather then paying for taste.
I understand that everyone needs easy to make food in the house. That's where Homemade Instant comes in :)
Take a look at the packaged/instant things that you eat the most. Then think 'what would it take to make this ahead of time for myself?' 
I am going to be attaching a series of posts on this topic, so check back soon for recipes, ideas and tips for a tastier instant!
The first of the topics will include:
  1. 'Eggos'
  2. 'Bisquick'
  3. Pudding Mix 
  4. Mac 'n Cheese (Cheeseless) 
  5. Instant Oatmeal Packs