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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Welcome to my Kitchen!

My name is Lee Ann and I have a kitchen really I do! Everytime I pull an item out of the pantry that is store bought I think "could I have made this?" When I can't sleep at night I lay there and think about what I should make next. When I hear friends talking about different products I instantly try to think of a way to make it myself. Why? Well it tastes better (most of the time!), and it's cheaper (again, most of the time!). I can't help myself, I have finally found my hobby and it's in the kitchen :)
By making things at home I have significantly cut back on our food bill, reduced the amount of time grocery shopping (mostly I fill my cart in the baking ingredients aisle) and we have better tasting food! 
I often get asked for recipes, how-to's etc and was encouraged by some friends to put it all in a here it is! I am not a professional, I don't claim to know it all and sometimes (more often then I like to remember!) my recipes flop. All I want to do is share my love of the homemade. I hope you will learn something new, find a recipe to fall in love with and save some money in the process! Speaking of saving money, I will also (hopefully!) be including some posts on how to save money outside the kitchen. I get a thrill out of getting something for less (or even free), and the next best thing to saving money myself is helping someone else save too!
So pull up a chair and grab a cup of tea....Welcome to my kitchen :)

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