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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Product Review

Trying to stay away from rubbing chemicals on my kids skin, I decided to go with a natural bug spray (no deet!) and sunscreen this year. I decided on Dr. Mercola's (click the link then scroll to the bottom of the page) line of products. I was a little skeptical, but it has a money back guarantee so I figured what could I lose? Plus there was a free shipping offer when I ordered.
I received it in the mail a week or so ago, but just recently really got to put it to the test. We have AWFUL mosquitos here this spring! Although we have all gotten a couple of bites, I've been impressed by how well the bug spray actually works! The kids are relatively bite free, and except when I was walking through a grassy field, I feel like it's been working pretty good for me as well. My 2 year old loves it. Every morning at breakfast I hear 'bug spay? bug spay outside?' I don't know if he likes the smell of it, or if he understands that it works! It has a very strong smell to it, but not that 'asthma-attack inducing' smell that deet sprays have.
The sunscreen really got put to the test yesterday. I got the spf 30 version. I put some one at about 10am was outside for about 30 mintues, then I went for a 1.5 hour walk at noon, and didn't put any new sunscreen on. I burn very easily, especially the beginning of summer, and I didn't even turn pink! It rubs in easily, and I don't have the overwhelming urge to bathe my children the moment we come in the door to get it off of them. It smells nice, and it works...bonus!
This is the package that I got.
And it wasn't that expensive either. I got 2 bottles of sunscreen and 2 bottles of bugspray for under $50. When I was buying sunscreen last year I seem to remember paying over $15 for one bottle of 'baby-safe' sunscreen! And it was still filled with all sorts of garbage!

So if you're on the fence about natural sunscreen and/or bugspray, I highly recommend checking out Dr. Mercola's products. I haven't tried anything besides these two items, but if everything else is as good as these ones, I wouldn't hesitate to try them!

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