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Wednesday, August 17, 2011


If anyone is in the market for a carseat Toys R Us has their First Years True Fit on for $99.98 down from $199.99!!
This is a great carseat and will truly last your child from birth (should you choose to not use a bucket seat) to boostering age (and I dont mean the measly minimum of 40lbs...I mean really ready for a booster: physically ready to withstand an accident in an adult seat belt and mature enough to sit still and leave the seat belt exactly where it needs to be, not reaching for toys etc.). The forward facing weight limit is 65 pounds and the height depends on your childs torso length, but somewhere around 50+". The headrest comes off for rear facing an infant under 22lbs (saves a lot of space with the 45° angle needed for little babies!) and with the headrest on the rear facing weight limit is 35lbs (and its able to be moved up to a 35° angle for older babies)!!
This is a very tall seat and is fairly plush and padded. Its a great deal if you are needing to replace a seat or need an extra one!

***As you can tell Im fairly opinionated on carseat safety (rear facing, 5 point harness etc.) HOWEVER I am not trying to start arguments. Im not harping on anyone, just expressing my opinions and telling you about a GREAT sale! Even if you dont agree with my opinions (which if you do some reading on the subject and realize how many benefits in an accident there is to rearfacing longer and keeping them out of boosters as long as possible you might just change your mind) its still a great sale on a good seat regardless of how long you use it :)***
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  1. If this sale is Canada-wide, I will be going up to ToysRUs tomorrow and buying Elly a carseat. I'm going to need to buy one for her eventually, may as well get a good deal on it.

  2. Im pretty sure its Canada wide. Its available online. Free shipping starts at $100 so you would have to add something small if you wanted to go that way. This is a clearance sale (price ending in. 08) which means no returns. Although I had some confusion in the store with one manager telling me it was eligible for returns and another saying no. The one I got was manufactured June 2010 so just over a year old. But with 6 years left on it for $100 Im thrilled!! I guess this one has been discontinued so they are on sale until they are gone.


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