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Monday, September 12, 2011

Nice Weather and New Ideas!

I have been very lax in the kitchen lately because we got a couple weeks of real summer weather finally! I have been outside enjoying it as much as possible bracing myself for *shudder* winter. Fall seems to finally be here and the jackets are coming out of the closets. That means I will be heading back to the kitchen!

Anything you have been wanting to make but not sure how? I love a challenge and would love suggestions!

My new thing right now is making my own face creams and possibly shampoo etc. I will post pictures and recipes when I get it just right :) I would like to start making a lot of the soap products we use...currently Im working on a night cream, foaming soap, bubble bath, dishwasher soap, hand scrub and shampoo. Things I would like to dye, day cream and body wash! Should keep me busy for awhile! I have a ton of laundry soap but once its done then that too. A friend made a big batch and hers works really well!
I have avocado oil, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter (just to name a few things) on order and cant wait for it to arrive! I bought all sorts of ingredients for the price of buying one good night cream and one good day cream. I figure out of all the ingredients I should be able to formulate something!!
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