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Monday, September 5, 2011

Scanning Code of Practice

Did you know that at many stores if the price scanned is higher then the posted price on the shelf you get it free up to $10? One $10 freebie per unique UPC (key word here is can claim more then one scanning code of practice on your order. If you are buying juice for example and the grape and the apple have different upc codes and come in at the wrong price, you can get one of each free! (up to $10 each)). I have had things scan wrongly before and I always forget to claim it. Of course most stores wont offer you a freebie, you do have to ask. Stores that participate will have a sign posted somewhere near the till. Not all stores participate, and it is a voluntary program, but there is an 800 number to call should the store not honour it. If the cashier wont do it, ask for a manager :)
If you want to read all the fine print details, go HERE.

Look for this sign at the checkout!
I got a free pack of diapers today using this. They were on sale for $9.88 and scanned through at $10.99. I mentioned the price difference, they called for a price check and were going to correct the price. I pointed out I should get it for free and the other packs at the sale price. Sure enough, I walked out with $10 worth of free diapers. Love it!

Make sure to pay attention to the prices scanning through. I know there have been many times when I have looked at my bill after I got home and realized they over charged me for something. I'm not sure how it works for going back to the store and pointing out an error, I think you have to point it out at the time of purchase. 

I know Save on Foods, Superstore, Extra Foods and Shoppers Drug Mart participate. There are lots more, but those are just the ones I know for sure. I think Walmart did, but not sure if they do anymore. It's always worth a shot!

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