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Friday, October 21, 2011

As I have mentioned before, my 2.5 year old is having pretty severe gastrointestinal issues. We have cut out Dairy, Soy, Eggs and Coconut which all help a bit, but don't make everything better. I went to a Naturopathic doctor this week and discussed starting an Elimination Diet. Whatever diet we do we are going to try to do it together as a whole family.
She wanted to do just Gluten Free, and I insisted on the full deal (elimination diet) because I'm soooo frustrated. However now I'm re-thinking. Dairy, Soy, Eggs and Gluten are the Big4 when it comes to allergies/intolerances and we've already eliminated 3, so I figure we may as well try the 4th. If that doesn't work we will do the full Elimination diet which  means changing everything!

All this to say that you will probably notice a new trend in postings for the next little while as I figure out what to make for a carb-loving, always hungry little boy. :(

If you have any website suggestions, product replacement information, or recipes that you love, please either email them to me sterlingleeann at gmail dot com (remove spaces and put @ and . instead of the words. I just don't want to get robo spammed!) or leave a comment. I would love to hear from anyone already living a gluten free life or who is on the same journey. We aren't sure if this will be permanent, but even as a temporary solution it means even more label reading, more experimenting at home and more precautionary measures when out! As if grocery shopping doesn't already take long enough!

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