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Monday, June 27, 2011

Organic Milk

What I would really love to try is raw milk, but since it's pretty much unobtainable the next best thing was organic milk. After some searching I found that Saxby's Creamery here in Edmonton sells organic milk to Earth's General Store. They also brand it for Safeway to sell. I finally made it into a Safeway and sure enough, there it was! I choked when I saw the price. $2.99 for 1 litre, $5.99 for 2 litres. Ouch. I convinced myself it was worth a try and got a 1 litre. I bought homogenized because it had the longest expiry date and I had just bought a bunch of milk a couple days before. My husband and I did a taste test last night. Non Organic Homogenized vs. Organic Homogenized. The best way to sum it up is my hubby's reaction: "The organic milk is more.....milky". It's true. There is a HUGE taste difference! We both really liked it. It seemed less sweet as well. I'm trying to brainstorm how to convince myself to spend that much on milk. I think in the next little while I'm going to try to do all my baking/cooking with rice milk or powdered milk and maybe buy organic just to drink. I know this would cut back since I do go through a lot of milk. (Rice pudding itself takes 3.5 cups every time I make it!) It isn't just the cost either, there isn't a Safeway around here, and neither of our grocery stores sell organic dairy products. So it means an out of the way trip every week or two just for milk. And yogurt! I found Safeway also has organic plain yogurt for pretty much the same price as non organic. I didn't get any to try because I had just bought some, but next time!
Does anyone know of cheaper places to buy organic milk, or organic dairy products? I would really like to make the switch, but $6 for 2 litres of milk seems like a lot to make room for in the grocery budget :(

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