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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

My Garden is Growing!!

Hot Peppers (You can see a tiny one right in the middle!)
Roma Tomatoes (The bloom to the right is a green tomato!)
Green Peppers (This picture turned out the best!)
I planted a container garden this year, and hubby built me some self watering containers to make it easier...what a year to do that! We have had so much rain they have been flooding at times :( I lost a couple of plants so I 'cheated' and replaced them with store bought ones. The roma tomato plants I bought as little plants and they are huge now! My cherry tomato plants are growing too, and there are some buds forming, but no tomatoes yet!
I'm so excited that anything is actually growing. I have such a brown thumb that usually I kill everything! I also planted strawberries, raspberries and a blueberry bush into the ground. Unfortunately the blueberry bush completely died. The raspberry bushes seem to be hanging in, and out of the strawberry rootlets I planted only one took, so I bought a couple of bigger plants and replaced them in the hopes of some berries this year!
In my containers I have onions (from seed), garlic (from clove!), roma tomatoes (from small plants), cherry tomatoes (all from seed!), green peppers (one little one I grew from seed, and one bigger one I replaced a dead one with), hot peppers (from bigger plants), carrots (from seed), romaine lettuce (from seed) and green onions (from seed!).
I will be happy if I get to enjoy one thing from each plant, but of course would be ecstatic if I got more then that!!!

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