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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Best Cherry Pitter!

Progressive Cherry-It Pitter

4 Large or 4 Small cherries at once!
So easy!
This cherry pitter was seriously a life saver today! I did all of my cherries in under 2 hours, with 2 little kids underfoot :) I did it in the sink, because inevitably it was going to get messy, but it was so simple. I bought it at Bed Bath & Beyond, and it was worth every penny!

I opted to freeze all the cherries rather then do any canning. This way I can do whatever I want with them at a later date, but they aren't sitting around going bad right now. They are also not soaking in a sugar syrup, so a little healthier! I did make a pie, and we have of course eaten a bunch as well!

If you're dealing with a lot of cherries right now, save the pits and the stems! More info to come tomorrow :)

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