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Thursday, August 11, 2011

Cherries...Cherries and more Cherries!

If you are in Edmonton and want cherries get to H & W Produce this week. Their BC cherries are on for $1.29/lb or 18lbs for $19.99!! I bought 2 cases (36lbs!). Needless to say Im going to be busy pitting, canning freezing and of course making pies for the next few days! Im so excited to have so much fruit in the freezer for the long boring winter which would normally only have bananas and apples :)
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  1. I just started to shop there, thanks for the tip! I'll be looking out for those babies,yum:)

  2. No problem! I love that store. They usually have such great prices. Ive been through 3 bags of cherries already and had less then 5 not so great ones. So yummy!

  3. How is it possible that I LIVE in BC, and I have only been able to find cherries "on sale" for $2.99/lb, while your cherries were shipped to Edmonton and sold for $1.00 cheaper?? argh.
    Sounds yummy, though. I can almost taste them... :)

  4. $2.99/lb? Wow, that's crazy! Maybe it's because you're on the island? I think my cases worked out to $1.10/lb...just another reason to live in Alberta :)


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