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Friday, September 30, 2011


If you haven't heard of Pinterest, you should seriously go check it out....with the warning that it is addictive, and you will find so many projects that you want to do that it could take you years to finish them all!
There are so many tasty looking recipes to try out, craft projects to make, organization tips etc etc etc. It is so much fun to see all the great ideas!

A couple of my favourites so far:

A Pringles tin is the perfect size for storing spaghetti, OR wrap the outside and and put a bow on top and fill with cookies for Christmas gifts!

How to turn an Armoire into a crafting station.

How to turn an old TV stand into a cool kids kitchen.

Fill small sponges with fingerpaint for the kids. It keeps them from glopping (is that a word?) a ton of paint on their paper, but still lets them paint with their hands!

And of course recipes, recipes and more recipes!

In the past 3 days I've already made 2 projects from ideas I found on here, and they both turned out pretty good. I used to craft all the time and haven't in years so it feels really good to get back into it and start creating again...and not always with food!

I've had a run of lots of company in the past couple weeks and have more to come, so I haven't been doing near the amount of experimenting etc. that I normally do in the kitchen. Hopefully I'll be back in the kitchen soon, but for now I'm busy finding great recipes and tons of craft projects to do for the winter! I dislike winter immensely, but I'm hoping that this winter the kids and I can create all sorts of crafty fun indoors to pass the time!

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