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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Quick Tip - Freezing Ground Meats

Maybe Im the last one to realize this and this isnt really a tip at all, but just in case thats not the case here goes!

I buy large packs of ground beef at Costco and then I divide them into smaller 1-2lb portions, put them into freezer bags and freeze. Ive always frozen the meat in rounded sausage-type shapes at the bottom of large square bags...the other day as I was going through this process yet again, it dawned on me! Why not put it into the bag and then press the ground beef into a flat square, taking up the entire shape of the bag?
I did this and not only does it fit nicer into my freezer but it thaws sitting in water in less then 10 minutes! Why have I not thought of this before? This makes last minute suppers so much easier and more manageable and it saves me so much space in my freezer since the packs of meat always get lost at the back in an effort to fit square shaped containers in or they fall on my toe because they were precariously balanced on the aforementioned containers.
This may not be the greatest discovery of the year but its sure made me happy!
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