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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gluten Free Rice Krispies

Kelloggs had said there were no plans to bring these to Canada and suddenly here they are! Safeway and Superstore are carrying them so far. Superstore has a great sale on this week $3.97 (regular $5.69 I think) each limit of 4. BUT stop at the coupon board and pick up the 'buy 3 kelloggs cereals and get $3 off' coupon. It brings the boxes down to $2.22 each (if you buy 4 at a time). For those of you buying gluten free you know how cheap that is for any gf product! I went in and out of the store 3 times and got 12 boxes. I may yet go back again!

These taste just like the 'real' ones, are made with brown rice and still go "snap crackle pop" much to the delight of my kids. Im so excited that my son can still experience the simple joy of a rice krispie square!

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  1. You went in and out of the store THREE times!! That's fabulous!!
    Yay for rice krispy squares for L!!!

  2. I probably would have gone in a few more times if everyone hadnt been waiting in the car! And it was after church so everyone was tired. Gluten free anything rarely goes on sale so you learn quickly to stock up when its affordable! I felt slightly ridiculous doing laps in and out of the store but not ridiculous enough to give up :) Just the kids go through a full box of cereal every week! Totally worth it. And for yummy rice krispie squares!!


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