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Monday, March 26, 2012

Laundry Soap

I have been wanting to make my own laundry soap for awhile now but I had a stockpile of Rockin Green (which I love, but is pricey!) that I had purchased through a co-op buy for quite a good deal. I realized today that the stockpile had come to an end. Time to either buy more soap or make some. No more procrastinating!
I was very particular about finding a powder recipe as I can't stand liquid soap, and I settled on this one from TipNut. Very simple, very easy and very cost effective.

1 Cup Washing Soda
1 Cup Borax
2 Bars of Ivory Soap, grated

Of course I used my Vitamix :) It grated the soap up quite well, then I mixed all the ingredients in a large bowl and in small batches put it back into the Vitamix to blend it up thoroughly. The whole process took me less then 15 minutes. I'd say that's less time then reading all the labels in the grocery store trying to find a soap that doesn't have a ton of chemicals in it!
It says to use 2 Tbsp. per load. I will probably use 1 because I have my Norwex Magnet Ball that allows me to use about half the amount of any soap!

Now, the cost breakdown, be prepared for a lot of numbers. I like to be thorough!

(If I had planned ahead I'm sure I could have gotten some of these things on sale, but the fact that I found everything I needed in a small town grocery store is good enough for me today!)

Including GST
Washing Soda, 3kg: $7.32, 1 Cup = 240g = $0.586/cup
Borax, 2kg: $7.34, 1 Cup = 170g = $0.624/cup
Ivory Soap, 3 bars: $2.30, 1 Bar = $0.767/bar x 2 bars = $1.533

Total Soap Made = 3 Cups, 558g = $2.743

Regular Use, 2 Tbsp = 22g = $0.108/load

Magnet Ball Use, 1 Tbsp = 11g = $0.054/load (I feel this price could drastically be cut down if I planned ahead and bought everything on sale)

I haven't tried this on a load of wash yet since all my laundry is caught up (hence realizing I was running out of soap today!). But never fear, testing will commence soon! Laundry is unfortunately accumulating as we speak :)

I will post a usage review soon, and if it works then my next task is to find a dishwasher soap recipe that works as well!

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