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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy 1 Year!

Last year, today, I started this blog...

I started it with the intent of sharing a few recipes and a few thoughts. I never thought I would be at almost 6,000 views and have as many posts as I do a year later! I also never thought this would end up being a mainly gluten free friendly blog nor did I imagine the major changes my life would undergo in a year! 

Going gluten free has definitely been a major challenge and I have enjoyed being able to share my thoughts and recipes as I go along. I assure you, there have been some major flops, but I always look forward to a recipe that turns out. Not only for the joy of eating it, but also for the joy of being able to share the newly found knowledge in the hopes that I can save someone else the disappointment of a recipe disaster!

I love sharing recipes and new findings, and I hope to be able to continue to do so in the next year. As noted, this blog has turned into a gluten free blog (although I have not deleted non gluten free posts from before), and I hope that some of the recipes have still been relevant for the non gluten free kitchen! I miss real bread terribly so you may just find me in your kitchen chowing down on your freshly baked loaf of bread one of these days...I'll try to knock first :)

Happy 1 Year to Kitchen Addiction! Here's to another year of good eating!


  1. If you want fresh bread, thursday's baking day for me!! you're welcome to come over!
    Lindsay E.

  2. Thanks Lindsay! Now if only you weren't so far away... :)


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