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Friday, July 22, 2011

Organic Milk Selection

I have been on the hunt for a better place to buy organic milk then Safeway (nothing against Safeway it's just really out of my way!), and discovered that Superstore, Walmart and Save On Foods all carry it! Save On Foods and Walmart actually carry 4L jugs too, and have skim, 1%, 2% and homogenized . Yay!!
The prices are pretty close, but Save On Foods actually has the cheapest price (they have 2 brands, I cant remember what the names were), followed closely by Walmart and then Superstore and bringing up the most expensive end is Safeway. Don't get me wrong, it's still not 'cheap', but it's cheaper.
Save On Foods has 4L for $8.49 (ouch!), BUT they have a sale on right now that if you cash in 1,000 points you get it for $5.99. Not bad when a regular 4L jug of homogenized milk is around $4.50. Their 2L's are $4.99. They also have a WONDERFUL selection of organic yogurt! Still not super convenient for me, but I do pass a Save On Foods more often then a Safeway.
Walmart had plain organic yogurt and they do have a pretty good selection of milk as well and I go there more often, so it's looking like Walmart may be the winner in this one just to avoid an extra stop just for dairy.
Superstore has 2L jugs of 1%, 2% and homogenized, but I didn't see any yogurt.
Safeway does have plain yogurt (which is on sale this week!) but not flavours.

I have been drinking so much more milk since finding out how much better organic tastes! I find myself sitting down at lunch and supper with a glass of it because I enjoy it so much. I've never been a milk lover, and usually if I have milk in the evening I feel quite sick. Not with organic!! Because I've been drinking more I've decided to go cold turkey and bought Skim (0%) milk for myself. It's not bad, and because it's got that great flavour it's easier to handle the no fat! Although I may cut it with the kids homogenized just a little until I get fully used to it!

I noticed that Save On Foods carries Hemp milk...anyone tried that? I'm also waiting for So Nice to bring their Coconut milk to Canada! I like the tinned stuff for smoothies, but a drinkable one would be nice. Friends of ours only use Almond milk, and I got to try that recently and it's actually pretty tasty. And to think I've spent all these years thinking 'milk is milk'. There's a whole world of milk out there!!
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