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Monday, November 7, 2011

What's On The Table?

I have finally found a recipe that my husband approves of that doesnt have meat! *squeal of excitement!*
I can finally do Meatless Mondays even if I have to make the same recipe every Monday until I can find another ok'd one!
It's called Southwest Breakfast Casserole. Beans, eggs, rice, salsa and cheese...doesnt get much easier or delicious!
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  1. Lee Ann - a coworker introduced me to Ground Vegie which you would heat up, add diced tomatoes, seasonings, tomatoe sauce, and voila, spaghetti sauce. You don't even know that it's not hamburger. It tastes real yummy. Krystal's 'beef' with it is that is contains soy, but still it quite good for you overall I think. You can buy it in the produce section where you buy tofu, etc.

  2. Thanks Betty :) Im not sure I could get him to eat anything tofu related...its taken 9 years to get a meatless dish and some veggies into the rotation!
    Im not a huge fan of soy either but it does have its uses every now and then! Ill have a look next time Im in the store.


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