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Saturday, August 27, 2011


Macasanga? This is what my 2.5 year hold has dubbed it :) It's a variation of the Super Easy Lasagna recipe.

If there is one thing you probably know about me by now it's that I'm frugal (I do not like the term 'cheap' because I feel it has a totally different definition...I'm frugal, but if we (especially our kids) need something, I wont hesitate to get it, to me cheap is avoiding purchasing anything that isn't an absolute live or die need, even if it might jeopardize your health to not have it (vitamins, medicine) etc. I'm not talking about absolutely not having the money to purchase necessities, but rather choosing to hoard money in the bank instead) But I digress! Back to Macasagna!

Lasagna noodles are pricey, and they almost never go on sale. Cheese is expensive and even when it is on sale it's still expensive! I really really enjoy lasagna, now that I know how to make it easily, but can't bring myself to make it as often as I would like.
Thus, Macasanga was born!!

Use the same sauce recipe from Super Easy Lasagna. But instead of lasagna noodles you use, yup you guess it!, macaroni noodles :) And in the cheese layers instead of fully layering cheese use mostly cottage cheese with a bit of grated cheese and then use grated cheese on top. It's delicious, it's economical and it's easy! It's a win win!

I buy the No Name Cottage Cheese at Extra Foods (Superstore), and it's approx. $2.50 for a 500mL tub, and the huge boxes of macaroni are available at the same store, or Costco for a fairly modest price. I'm sure it brings the price of the lasagna to half or less then it's original cost. Yes, it's nice to still have regular lasagna sometimes, but especially when you're coming to the end of the month (and the end of the budget!), this is a quick, easy, filling and economical meal :) Oh, and kids love it because what kid doesn't love macaroni?

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